15 tips for women with curly hair/Product of the week

Are you wondering how you should care your beautiful curls?  Here is a list of tips for you!

  1. Know your hair type.  Why?  Without knowing your hair type, it is impossible to figure out what’s best for your hair.  So pull one strand of your hair.  If you can barely feel your hair, you have fine hair.  If you feel the strand, your hair is average to medium hair.  If you feel a strong or textured strand, then your hair is thick.
  2. Now let’s find out your curl patterns!  Wavy, curly or spiral?
  3. Take a look at your hair care routine. Using the right products to nourish your hair is very important to maintain those beautiful curls!
  4. Don’t wash your hair!  Yes, you are shampooing just your scalp.Focusing on your scalp
  5. Boost your hair’s hydration by leaving your conditioner in your hair overnight.  If your hair is feeling a bit weighed down in the morning, just rinse the conditioner out. If not, style as usual.
  6. Try using an old t-shirt to dry your hair. The fabric is much softer and can dry the hair without roughing up the hair’s cuticle.
  7. Put down the paddle brush. Brushes with bristles have no business being anywhere near curly hair.  Instead, if you need to detangle your strands, reach for a wide tooth comb to brush out any snags.
  8. When it comes to using alcohol-based hair gels, a little definitely goes a long way with applying it to curly hair. Use a very small amount or you may end up with curl crunch due to the drying nature of the product.
  9. For those with thicker, tighter curls, try the LOC method. LOC stands for a leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream. Layering these three products onto damp hair can do wonders for your curl pattern. Each item helps to protect, moisturize and soften the hair creating fabulously healthy strands.
  10. Next time you head to your stylist, ask them to cut your curls while your hair is dry. As wet curls and dry curls have two totally different lengths and textures, it will be easier to get your desired cut if the hair is already dry.

See all the tips here:  https://www.redken.com/blog/haircare/15-must-know-haircare-tips-for-women-with-curly-hair